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plug and play outdoor lighting

How it works
It's easier than you think
Installing flexible modern lighting for your garden has never been simpler thanks to our easy-to-install Plug & Play kits. In fact:


  • You don’t need an electrician
  • You only need basic DIY skills
  • You connect the lights where you want
  • You can bury all cables and wires!
See below for our step-by-step guide for quick installation.



garden lighting plug and play
Remove all items from the box and remove packaging. Assemble all lights

Install control box to wall with fixings provided.
garden lighting plug and play

garden lighting plug and play
Connect all low voltage cable drums provided to low voltage connections on the base of the control box.

Lay cables to all areas of the garden where lights are required.
Tape a loop in the cable around 20cm long where each light is required.
You can put any number of lights on any channel.
Cut the cable where your last light needs to be connected.
garden lighting plug and play

garden lighting plug and play
Connect your assembled lights to the cable where your loops have been made.
Cut the loop and strip around 6cm of outer black sleeve from either end where you have made the cut in the loop. Strip 6cm of outer sleeve from the cable attached to your light.

You will now have 3 stripped pieces of cable, the light and the two ends from your cut loop.
Bunch all the live wires together (brown or red) and insert the 3 ends into one of the waterproof connectors provided. Make sure all three wires are fully inserted into the back of the waterproof connector. With the pliers provided, clamp down on the connector. Make sure the blue top is squeezed all the way in. Repeat the process for the neutral wires (blue or black). Your light will now be connected to your supply cable.
garden lighting plug and play

garden lighting plug and play
Now you have connected all your lights to your cables, it’s time to test.
Connect the 240v supply lead to the Lovoglo remote box and plug it in. Make sure your RCD on the supply lead has been reset. Test each channel to make sure all your lights are working. The key fobs are pre programmed to your kit. If a light does not come on, check that your waterproof connector has been fully clamped down. Any lights in the circuit after the light that is not working will not come on until the connection has been made. 

Hide your cables. Your lights are low voltage so you can simply bury your cables or clip them to a fence.
Check the position of your lights at dusk to check they are casting lighting in the right place before hiding cables. 
garden lighting plug and play
When installing 12v lights to any of our Lovoglo kits, you must never exceed 90% of the kit's total wattage capacity as this will put excess load on the transformer.....For Example, Lovoglo Standard is rated at 100watts so the max wattage of lighting to be connected would be 90watts (18 spike lights rated at 5watts each or 9 micro floods rated at 10 watts each). Any light can be connected as long as the total watts add up to 10% under the kit's capability. Mini - 60 watt. Standard - 100 watt. Pro - 150 watt.

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